We Were Kings

I want to be honest about who I am.

I was raised by a single mother who had me when she was only 17.

We moved around a lot. I was sleeping in closets, couches – wherever we could stay until we got evicted. I was the new kid in 10 different schools.

“We Were Kings” is a heartfelt thank you to those that helped me get through my difficult teenage years. I wanted to make a song that shows these people they’re always in my heart. Nothing has ever changed about my feelings towards them.

Watch the music video for “We Were Kings” on YouTube.

The video for “We Were Kings” was shot by my close friend, Alex Gayoso, and directed by me. We were driving through Utah, and found this piece of land that was incredible. It had all the landscapes in one place. As a Coldplay fan, I had this idea for doing a one-take video like “Yellow,” but making it our own.

Thank you for checking out our new single!

we were kings artwork.jpg